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Judo, Jujitsu vs Karate, Taekwondo - Which is the better art when one faces 2 or more opponents in a fight?

If only there were an easy answer to this question. When facing two people, anything will work so long as you%26#039;ve practiced it until it%26#039;s automatic. Strike first, strike quickly, and don%26#039;t ever fight two people at the same exact time.

If two people are making it obvious they%26#039;re going to attack you, and they%26#039;ve arranged themselves so that you cannot swiftly neutralize them both, withdraw and make them pursue you. Use your surroundings to your advantage... get yourself onto higher ground, seek weapons of convenience, keep one of them between you and the other, let them face into the Sun.

Use everything you can to do the winning, but believe that you will emerge as the winner. If these means having them both face-down in a pool of their own blood, that%26#039;s illegal but fine by me. If this means getting out of a dangerous situation alive and well, that%26#039;s even better.

Unless this little bout is practice for when you%26#039;re in the local lock-up, I might suggest you try two other, less glamous ways of defending yourself:

1. Not getting into situations where people are likely to fight you, and

2. Talking your way out of such situations. It%26#039;s amazing how easy it is to let somebody think they can beat you up, without making them prove it.

But if you%26#039;re belligerent enough that you intend to face people more often than once or twice in your entire life, I might suggest taking that one guy%26#039;s suggestion of getting a Beretta. Or maybe a Glock. Your call, just remember the old saying:

%26quot;Never insult seven men when you only have a six-shooter.%26quot;|||obviously any stand up style is going to be better than ground fighting.karate,muay thai,kung fu would be the better ones tae kwondo well theres a lot of good practitioners out there but unfortunately the majority give them a bad name.but you cant blame the students for the teachers or hierarchy%26#039;s policies.most of the good ones i know also cross train,which is a good thing no matter what style you do.any good ma should be able to defend themselves against 2 ppl otherwise what would be the point of learning it?but i did say good ma,and to most ppl that means anyone with a doesn%26#039;y matter how many blackbelts you have if you dont have experience or your teacher does%26#039;nt either your not much better than anyone else out there.and then theres the difference between fighting and self;s very hard to fight multiple attackers,defending yourself is much easier.any good ma who knows the difference would have seen the situation before it occured or at least been aware of thier surroundings and/or cant practise real life situations especially with multiple attackers until it becomes automatic.for a start no two situations are the same.thats like saying sparring is exactly like a real life situation.and if it%26#039;s obvious that 2 ppl are going to attack you it%26#039;s to late to withdraw and at this stage you dont want to neutralise them you want to send them to the hospital,if they have weapons the morgue.when its obvious that the sitution has escalated you dont pussyfoot around you do what you have to do at the time.any good ma should have done thier utmost to aviod the situation long before it got to the stage where you had to defend yourself.and if you seen the situation and deliberately became involved well you not a ma your a;s who do it for it%26#039;s intended purpose dont have anything to prove to anyone thats why they dont become involved in fights.not that thers anything wrong with fighters or fighting but theres a place for it.hey iv%26#039;e had my fair share of thai and karate fights,in the ring.and i loved it to and i miss it,but like i said i used it for it%26#039;s intended purpose.street-maximum damage minimum impact.ring-well your not really there to maim or kill anyone.your there to prove yourself.

self defense is in the brain,fighting is in the fists.

if i%26#039;m attacked by multiple attackers and theres absolutely no way out,i%26#039;m there to maim or even kill as quickly and as ruthlessly as possible.i%26#039;d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.|||Here is the dillema with your question. Virtually all martial arts teach you that %26quot;If situation %26#039;A%26#039; occurs, you use technique %26#039;B%26#039;%26quot;. Attacker throws punch, you block/counter, etc. But what happens if situation %26#039;Z%26#039; occurs and you have only learned to handle situations A-Y?

The point is just using two opponents isn%26#039;t enough information to answer the question. Do either of them have weapons? Are the both in front of you, or is one behind you? Do you have a weapon (keys, belt, laptop bag, etc). Why are you in this situation? Do they want your wallet? Did you say/do something to provoke them? Is your life in danger? These things will all impact the chain of events that will occur.

The gun defense certainly works in the movies. And it%26#039;s great if you have a really good lawyer. And unless it is somehow strapped to your body, it CAN be taken away from you. Not that it WILL be taken away from you, but there are two of them and only one of you.

Season%26#039;s Beatings!|||well the problem with grappling arts like Judo or bjj is that when u face more than one guy ur screwed. U take someone down for a submission hold and the other guy is gonna kick ur head like a soccer ball and good night.|||Skeet shooting.|||Taekwondo|||Karate|||It all depends on what you are used to and are most comfortable with|||You are going to have a hard time with more than one attacker in any art, I can tell you that right now.... but Taekwondo is on the BOTTOM of that list!|||None of those will help too much. It doesn%26#039;t matter how good you are, if two or more person want to hurt you, you%26#039;re already in really bad situtation. Especially if the person are smart enough to have one go head to head with you while other one go for your legs.

So.... fire arms training is probably what you%26#039;re looking for.|||Although guns are effective, if someone attacks you from behind or there are more peopple than you have bullets, lts face it you arent going tomake every shot under those circumstances, if trained judo,/ jiu-jitsu are very effective, remember jiu-jitsu was the samarias unarmed fighting style so it had to be good against multiple opponents my example o fmultiple attackers is WAR.|||Berretta fighting style is the best.

I have 16 deadly moves that are unstoppable and too fast for the eye to see.

I wil take any judo jj karate guy on with one arm around my back.

berretta style wins them all - hands down within seconds.|||Striking arts are best against multiple enemies. Karate ot Tae Kwon Do.|||The Art of The Eight Limbs .............. Muay Thai|||12 Gage with #4 shot|||wood_vulture is Damn Right!! I loved everything he said. Listen to his advice. Two on one is a sure way into a wheelchair or death. Let%26#039;s just pretend that I and someone else decide to %26quot;beat-up%26quot; one guy, then it%26#039;s to permanently ruin his life. Maybe back in good old elementary school will you have two guys want to %26quot;fight%26quot; you. In a real-world situation, two guys can easily apply a couple quick moves and you%26#039;re immobilized.

But to answer your question about which Art is better. Go with the MMA mentality (MMA - mixed martial arts) learn all you can and get as good as you can in each area.

Go to YouTube and do a keyword search on Bruce Lee%26#039;s interview where he talks about being water.

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