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Which is better for kids - Tae Kwon Do or Jujitsu?

My boys are 6 and 8. They have no experience in any type of martial art but they are both very interested in the idea. The neighboring town%26#039;s YMCA is offering both classes. The one most convenient for my schedule happens to be Tae Kwon Do since it%26#039;s on the weekend and is held only once a week, as opposed to the Jujitsu which is twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. I don%26#039;t know the difference between the two practices and therefore don%26#039;t know which is best for kids - especially since they are beginners. Any thoughts?|||My advice is neither.... this will sound strange coming from a MA guy... but I would suggest gymnastics.... I don%26#039;t think Martial arts are good for kids under 12 years old, and most ppl who tell you they are are the ones wanting you to write them a check... at 6 and 8 years old is self defense really a priority?.... what they will learn will not help them against an adult attacker (this will: is someone grabs you yell and scream.. if that doesn%26#039;t work.. bite until your teeth touch... yuck I know but that%26#039;s basically the tools a child has), but what they will learn is self discipline (and I hope as a parent you are doing a good job of that already ;) It is a very very small percentage of kids who start MA training at a young age that continue to train to the age of when it would really help them.... I will tell you that getting them involved will help their confidence and also develop proper goal setting skills (i need to work really hard to get my next belt).... But if they would have gymnastics for balance and flexibility by the time they were old enough to learn and apply martial arts they would be far surpassed any beginner...

NOTE: I am not saying Martial Arts are bad for kids, I am merely saying that the sales pitch you might hear to enroll your child at %26quot;Bob%26#039;s karate 2000%26quot; is not always the truth...|||Tae kwon do would probably be easier in terms of starting out. Jiu-jutsu involves a lot of close-quarters grappling- if either of your kids are touchy at all or like their own personal space, it%26#039;s probably not a good art of them. I%26#039;ve never seen kids that young start in jiu-jutsu- they are still small and %26quot;pliable%26quot;, and very prone to bruising, hyperextention, or even broken bones if their training partners aren%26#039;t careful. You%26#039;ll have that risk in tae kwon do, too, but that%26#039;s all standing, so I would think you would have it to an lesser extent.

To be honest, because they are so young you should pick the class that works for you, since you will be taking them. Once they are a little older and can decide what they want for themselves, then you can work out it. It does no good to commit the kids to a class you can%26#039;t take them to.|||JiuJitsu is primarily a grappling art like wrestling that uses leverage to gain an advantage over size and strength. Tae Kwon Do is more of a striking art, a little more traditional martial art with punches, kicks, throws. Both offer great activity for youngsters. My suggestion would be to meet the instructors and see which instructor you prefer as a parent. If its the same instructor I pick JiuJitsu, but thats only because I am a Jiujitsu guy myself and your kids will probably thank you later for since its a little more popular than TKD these days.|||I am a firm believer that jujitsu is bad for small children, and that it should not be taught to kids under 12 to16, depending on the child%26#039;s maturity. It is very easy to break an elbow or a wrist or a shoulder. Additionally, children%26#039;s bones are not completely formed and are more susceptible to breaking, so again, not a good choice in my book. And lastly, you can%26#039;t trust a 7 year old not to try some moves out on his friend and cause serious injury with a broken bone.

Once you learn how to use joint manipulation, it is a very powerful tool that requires a gentle touch. Jujitsu takes a gentle touch to learn and practice, and children do not have that sensitivity yet and risk injuring their training partners.

TKD, on the other hand, is more about kicking and punching at that age and there are few injuries and little risk. This would be a good basis for their self defense, and they could try the jujitsu later when they are older if they are interested.|||TKD is famous for working with young children to help instill discipline, confidence, and respect, rather than just physical skills. Jujitsu is clearly better for self-defense, but I don%26#039;t think it is appropriate for young children. (Do you really want your son to be able to break another kid%26#039;s arm or choke him into unconsciousness the next time he gets into a playground scuffle?). I would put my child in TKD, and if he decided he liked martial arts I would enroll him in Jujitsu when he was a little older.|||tkd is for discipline,bjj is for real self defense.try them both.|||TKD|||Greetings. Tae Kwon Do is Korean Karate, yes? Jujitsu is Japanese. Jujitsu is based on the principles of using your enemies strength against themselves and not on brute strength. Tae Kwon Do is based on brute strength and altering the body to use its parts like they were hammers or swords or knifes. Shake hands with a Karate user and note the knots on the bones from prior fractures in practice and note the calluses on the striking surfaces. Jujitsu does not require the beating your hands against objects but instead in using controlled force to redirect the enemies force against themselves. Shake hands with a Jujitsu user and note that there are no healed bones in the hand and no calouses on the edge of the hand either. Jujitsu is polite and uses honor as its basis. Karate uses brute force. if it was my child I would go with the Jujitsu even though it is at a more inconvient time. you will get a more polite child and one more capable of defending themselves against someone who is bigger and stronger. and they do not have to alter their body to do so. As well as there is less chance of them getting injured in practice since force is not involved, force that sometimes with beginners gets applied when it wasn%26#039;t meant to and can cause harm. When i was in the Marines we were taught Jujitsu, was good enough for them then. is good enough now. Just not as showy and in less movies. But you are the parent. you decide.|||Take them to a couple of classes of each, and ask them which they enjoy the most!|||Depends what you%26#039;re trying to teach you know what martial arts are? Do you know what they%26#039;re for? If you%26#039;re looking for some happy go lucky sport try baseball....or another SPORT. Fighting should be seen as it is and what it%26#039;s for, and that is combat. If you want your kid to learn to defend himself then the local ymca probably isn%26#039;t the place to take them. If you want them to get some discipline or if they%26#039;re interested in it themselves then let them decide based on a few trial classes that most instructors offer fee free. Get a feel for the instructor and their backgrounds.|||For boys, Jujitsu would be a lot of fun for them since its all on the ground - I would highly recommend it!

My daughter tried it at a community center and hated it! Not really a girl sport!

It%26#039;s also a great workout!|||Jiu-Jitsu, they learn how to break arms, and put people to sleep which is totally awesome they are going to have so much fun. Just make sure they dont go at it too hard, I accidently strained someones arm once because I cranked it a bit too hard, and once I accidently put someone to sleep becaues he forgot to tap, but it was ok because the instuctors know how to revive them after they lose consciousness|||Actually, Jujutsu is better because kids that young are started on Judo which is fun for kids. It is true self defense.

I have no ties to it as my arts are Okinawan and Chinese. It%26#039;s just better

It%26#039;s only my opinion, which is not important, but Tae Kwon Do is... well, let%26#039;s just say I like to refer to it as Take One%26#039;s Dough.

Again, it%26#039;s my opinion, so take it as you wish.

I would not waste money on it. I know I%26#039;m gonna get crap for it.|||You should opt for Juijitsu.|||tae kwon do! bc i was 8 when i took classes and it was really awesome we learn alot and we have more self defence and respect and discipline|||Taekwondo is better for young kids in my opinion.

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